Winter has arrived in Canada and I’m ready to flee

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Definitely not me.

It’s windy and -13C (8F) outside right now, and it’s only November. The frigid wind makes my eyes water immediately, the tears nearly freezing to my face. I’m wearing two pairs of tights under my pants – what I like to call double bagging – but I’m still cold. One thing is certain: like a human greyhound, I was not built for winter.

God willing, this will be my last winter in Canada. Don’t tell my boss, because I haven’t put in a request yet, but the countdown is on to a 6-month unpaid leave of absence next winter so I can try out the snowbird thing.

From November 2019 to April 2020, I want to live somewhere warm and sunny for the winter. I want to walk around wearing a single layer of clothes, swim outside, develop a deep tan, exercise regularly, eat healthy, and hopefully land some location-independent gigs for income. My cats are coming.

If next winter’s experiment goes well, I’d like to peace out every winter thereafter.

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