I just got my driver’s licence, in my thirties

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Victory is mine.

Better late than never! This women in her mid-thirties is officially a driver!

Last Thursday at 7 a.m., in the dark, my dad and I drove to the town of Orangeville, Ontario for my final road test. It was do or die. I needed to pass the road test and level up to a full licence as my intermediate licence was set to expire today. If I’d failed the road test on Thursday I would’ve had to go back and start the graduated licencing process from zero.

As someone who’s always lived in cities and used public transit to get around, driving has been something I’ve never really needed to do and didn’t particularly enjoy. Moreover it seemed dangerous and chaotic. Toronto drivers are so goddam angry and impatient, it’s pretty unpleasant to enter the fray.

No update on my leave request

I still haven’t heard back on whether I’m getting my unpaid leave next winter. But at the very least it feels good to know that with my full driver’s licence I could now load my cats into a car and drive them to Florida… or Mexico!