“Snowbirds” CBC Short Doc about a French-Canadian retirees in Florida

“Snowbirds” is an entertaining CBC short documentary

It’s still the dead of winter in Toronto but check out some retirees living a version of my dream for me.

This CBC Short Doc is about a French-Canadian snowbird trailer park in Hollywood, Florida. You get a good sense of the residents even in 27 minutes. And the kitschy scenery and music are appealing.

Agathe, age 85, is future me

Snowbirds CBC Short Doc
Agathe from “Snowbirds” shows us how it’s done

Agathe is a deeply tanned 85-year-old Quebecoise who winters in Florida each year. The younger retirees call her “Auntie” at the pool. Agathe says she’s “fanatical about the sun”, likes to be tanned all year round, and the sun is her medicine. #goals