Where is my green light?

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It has become clear that no progress has been made to advance my leave request up the chain of approvals. (#Government.) Considering I first asked in December, I was certainly hoping for approval by now to give me time to plan for those months off. To me it makes no sense to stall or deny my request — granting unpaid leave is a cheap and easy way to keep me happy in a time of extreme fiscal austerity.

No more perks in the Ontario Public Services

Since last summer’s election there are no perks associated with Ontario Public Service jobs anymore. No money for conferences, for learning and development, or for anything else that might keep someone like me feeling engaged. It’s onerous to even get subway fare to travel to offsite meetings so we just don’t go anymore. Needless to say, morale is low. And to make matters worse several colleagues have recently left or are about to take parental leave. My leave request is at the bottom of the pile for my manager and director.

Leave, one way or another…

To be honest I’m planning to take this leave no matter how I get it, and I’m open to coming at it from a medical-necessity angle if forced to. My chronic illness — heretofore undisclosed at work, and I like it that way — has symptoms that include depression and fatigue. And time in the sun generating vitamin D is thought to have neuroprotective properties. I’m seeing my neuro in a couple of weeks and will ask if they’re willing to write me a letter to support this. There’s also a psychiatrist I saw a few years ago I could try; I have a feeling they would view time in the sun as therapeutic. This is not my preferred route to securing a leave next winter, which is why I’ve waited so long to consider it. I don’t know if a doctor’s note would then reframe my request as paid disability leave.