We’re going to Florida for the winter!

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Cats in soft-sided carriers
Florida bound

Victory is mine

With my leave from work finally approved last month (a parting gift of sorts from my outgoing director), I spent a few weeks contemplating how to get my three cats to Florida. Would a 21-hour drive be less stressful than a 3-hour flight? If we flew, who are the two other humans needed to spirit three animals in the cabin (each person with a cat stowed under the seat)?


Mercifully, it turns out those humans are my parents. They gave me life 35-ish years ago and now they’re helping me snowbird it up. Get a taste of that warm and sunny retirement living. We booked a flight for early December… and holy shit I’m actually going to Florida for the winter! I can barely contain my glee at work, where no one knows about my leave except my manager. We’re holding off on telling my colleagues until there’s a plan in place for my files.