‘Tis the season for light therapy

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I have one lamp at home and another at work

Last winter I posted about my home light therapy lamp. It’s my trusty workhorse of a lamp. I’ve downed many coffees and bowls of oats with it blasting at my face. It continues to serve me well but I will say it looks a touch clinical.

I got second lamp and it’s the best looking thing on my desk

Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp
Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp

For Christmas last year I got a great-looking second lamp from Amazon, pictured above. It’s a “Lattis” lamp by Circadian Optics that I keep at work. You can see it’s got a modernist, sculptural look and reminds me a bit of a geometric Mondrian painting. It doesn’t scream “light therapy lamp” at colleagues and passersby… until it’s on at least.

Review of the “Lattis” light therapy lamp by Circadian Optics

This lamp is lightweight, good looking and low profile so you can easily push it out of the way when not using it. I use mine all the time though and it has three brightness settings. The first two are a bit blinding. The lowest setting, however, is pleasantly bright and the only one I use. I mostly use it in the mornings but some days when I’m feeling low-energy in the afternoon I’ll put the lamp on for 30-60 minutes as well. It’s got the recommended 10,000 lux brightness and is a bright white colour. I find it helps me feel more alert and energized when I use it at work and eventually helps me feel tired at a normal bedtime.

Colleagues have questions and maybe some jealousy

Often colleagues notice the lamp’s brightness, the fact I have it a couple feet away and directed at my face, and will ask ‘is that one of those SAD lamps?’. Indeed it is. Then they sometimes ask questions about whether the lamp is emitting UV rays (false) or causing my skin to produce vitamin D (also false). That said, people understand that winter can be long and dark and can cause low energy and low mood in some folks. I bet half the people who’ve asked me about the lamp would love to have one themselves.